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When betting on the underdog, it's important to be strategic and confident. Betting on the underdog means that the odds of winning are increased by 50%, as the team has greater control over the game. If the momentum changes during the game, there may be an opportunity to bet on both the underdog and the favorite for a better chance of winning.

Here are some tips for predicting soccer odds and their advantages:

#1. Betting on the away team with a ¼ handicap

When the home team is handicapped at -¼ or -0.25, it's important to understand why the bookmaker has set the odds this way. The reasoning behind the odds is as follows:

  • The home team and away team are evenly matched

  • The home team is handicapped at -0.25 due to the advantage of playing at home

  • The odds of the home team winning at -0.94 are high, which means that the bookmaker wants to entice players to bet on this outcome

  • The odds of the away team winning at 0.87 are low, which means that the bookmaker wants players to avoid betting on this outcome

  • The over/under 2 goals odds at 0.90 are relatively high (a rate of 90% or above is considered high)

  • The odds of a draw (X) at 1.94 are reasonable, indicating that there is a likelihood of a draw

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Based on this information, you can make the following predictions:

  • The away team has a good chance of winning as they are evenly matched with the home team

  • The game may be slow-paced with few goals scored (due to the over/under odds of 2 goals)

  • If the home team scores first, the away team will push forward for an equalizer (due to the high odds of a draw)

To bet on this game, you can bet on the away team with a +0.25 handicap. If the away team scores first, stay put. If the home team scores first, consider betting on the over/under 2 goals or 1.75 goals for a chance of the away team scoring an equalizer. If the away team is leading 1-0 at the 70th minute mark, consider betting on a goal handicap of 1.5 for a higher chance of winning. In the last 20 minutes of the game, the home team may push forward for an equalizer, so be prepared to adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

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#2. How to bet on football matches when the home team is handicapped by 1.5 or more

This situation often occurs in major European championships, where teams at the top of the standings play against top teams from below.

For example, Newcastle playing against Manchester City, Getafe playing against Barca, Spezia playing against Juventus, and so on. In these rounds, the away team is usually much stronger and therefore given a high handicap, sometimes unreasonably high compared to the actual form of the players in the team.

There may also be factors such as weather, unfamiliar playing surface, and player health prior to the match that are unknown, but the bookmakers still set a deep handicap.

If you want to win bets like this, besides knowing how to bet on football matches, you need to diligently update sports news, read reports, and attend press conferences of the team before the match.

Alternatively, it's easier to let KeoBongDa do the work and read our analysis.

Let's analyze the round on January 31, 2021: Paris Saint Germain vs Lorient, with a handicap of 2.25.

Each figure provided by the bookmaker has important information.

Betting on the home team Lorient +2.25 to win 0.94 makes sense because:

One day before the match, it is unclear whether PSG will have enough players or healthy players.

What if it's raining heavily or there's thick snow during the match?

Lorient needs points to avoid relegation and will play defensively, making it difficult for PSG to score.

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PSG has a busy schedule, playing in both the National Cup and the Champions League, and will have to divide their resources, giving players a chance to rest and recover, and not exert themselves too much.

This season, PSG's defense is weak and they are prone to conceding goals. If the home team can score one, then the bet is likely to win.

If you bet on the handicap of less than 2.25 and Lorient is losing 0-1 at halftime, you can switch to the handicap of PSG -1 to recover your losses.

If you bet on the handicap of less than 2.25 and there is no score at the 25th minute, you can switch to over goals for the first half, or if it's the 70th minute, switch to over goals for the second half to increase your chances of winning without the risk of losing.

These are two ways to bet on the bookmaker's handicap with a high winning percentage.

Once you have a good understanding, you can learn more about the experience of choosing soccer bets to gain more confidence in your bets.

Closing thoughts

Learning how to analyze football betting odds and minimizing losses while achieving a 60% win rate can be a profitable endeavor.

In this football world, one should never consider themselves a pro or an expert as anything can happen in the game, and winning or losing is normal.

It is crucial to establish a strict discipline for oneself, only bet on the most certain odds, and stick to it.

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