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For those who are new to betting, choosing the right odds to bet on can be overwhelming. Therefore, they often rely on tips from analysts. In soccer betting, these tips are called "tips." To understand more about soccer tips, don't miss this article.

What are soccer tips?

To identify whether soccer tips are reliable or fraudulent, you need to understand what soccer tips are. Soccer tips can be understood as people who compile information and evaluations about soccer matches. At the same time, they provide objective information about upcoming matches. Accurate predictions about odds will be provided in that information. To put it simply, soccer tips are the amount of bonus that the provider earns from players.

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So, what types of soccer tips are there?

Classification of soccer tips:

Just like in any other profession, if you do well, you get a bonus. It's the same with soccer betting. If you evaluate well, you will receive a tip, otherwise not. Currently, there are three types of soccer tips on the betting market:

1x2 Tips: Also known as European odds, because they originate from Western countries. This is considered one of the simplest types of soccer tips on the betting market today. And for many new players entering the market, they mostly choose this type of tip. Although the probability is not high, the profit can still be acceptable (about 11.9%).

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Handicap Tips: This is the Asian Handicap type. In this format, handicap odds are formatted with statistics every day. Because this type of bet is quite complex, it requires players to have a lot of information about the bet as well as how to play it.

Over/Under Tips: Players bet on the total number of goals, yellow/red cards, etc. During the official 90-minute playing time. With this type of tip, players do not need to care about the winning or losing team. Bookmakers usually analyze the predicted number of goals for the match before it takes place. From there, players can make their betting decisions based on that information.

What are soccer betting scam tips?

For many new players, they always want to use tips to bet because it helps them to predict quickly and accurately. And also because there are many people interested in tips nowadays. Therefore, many websites have impersonated as fraudulent tips to sell to players.

Soccer betting scam tips are inaccurate predictions provided to customers. The purpose is only to deceive players, making them confused. Nowadays, there are many websites and forums that provide different types of tips, including a plethora of fraudulent tips. When choosing this form of play, you need to prepare yourself mentally, not rush. Because this is a probability game, you can win big, but you can also lose a lot.

There are many ways to identify fraudulent soccer betting tips, and each bookmaker will have different tricks. Follow the next section for more detailed information.

Ways to Identify Soccer Betting Scam Tips

Below are the ways to identify soccer betting scams that Soikeobongda has compiled.

The easiest-to-recognize fraud is the bookmakers that commit to the highest win rate. If the bookmaker has committed that you will be the winner, then who will be the loser? It is too illogical for the commitment made by this bookmaker.

In promotional programs, bookmakers often urge players. If the bookmaker actually organizes the promotion program, it will last for a long period. It is not necessarily by every hour or every day.

Places that sell soccer betting tips do not provide contact information, contact address.

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The operating license is also one of the important factors. If there is no operating license, the tips provided will not be guaranteed to be safe.

Selling at a high price is also a sign to identify soccer betting scam tips. Currently, the purchase price of tips is at a level of 15 to 25 million VND/tip. However, with this way in Vietnam, very few players are willing to spend such a large amount of money to buy tips.

Similarly to the address, with fraudsters, they do not use phone numbers to contact. Or they may also use virtual phone numbers to contact, making it difficult to identify.

They may also only sell tips without providing other football content. In this case, they usually use free email addresses like hotmail, yahoo...

Ways to Check for Reputable Soccer Betting Tip Websites

Soikeobongda will provide you with some ways to check whether soccer betting tips are reputable and of good quality.

All commitment procedures in buying and selling tips...

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